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Existence of God

If you want to under­stand the doc­trines of the Catholic church you had bet­ter know your Aquinas, and in the Islam­ic world today peo­ple still have strong views – both pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive – about medieval thinkers such as Aver­roes and Avi­cen­na.

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Your Body and Your Soul

This is the great­est truth which escapes the hearts and minds of those who don’t believe in Allah (SWT) and unfor­tu­nate­ly Mus­lims of today are also look­ing in the wrong place for spir­i­tu­al nour­ish­ment and inner peace and con­tent­ment.

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Colonised Muslim Minds

Mus­lims cre­at­ed civ­i­liza­tions that pro­ject­ed this beau­ty, from the acoustic bal­ance and per­fec­tion in the Sul­tan Ahmet mosque, to the melodies of the Andalu­sian muwashshaḥ (form of poet­ic litany). No aspect of human endeav­our was left to a world­view alien to Prophet­ic inspired par­a­digms. Yet, here we are.

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Friday Talk on Crises

Blog Pol­i­cy: This arti­cle is being shared from anoth­er site. The top hyper­link directs read­ers to the orig­i­nal source. It is being shared to stim­u­late dis­cus­sion on the top­ic and Wifaqul Ula­ma nei­ther endors­es the site nor nec­es­sar­i­ly agrees with the views expressed nor takes respon­si­bil­i­ty for the con­tent of exter­nal Inter­net sites. In some cas­es, read­ers send us emails to share their thoughts (anony­mous­ly) and in respect to their wish­es, con­tact details or Author infor­ma­tion will not be pro­vid­ed. Q) Can Wifaqul Ula­ma advise as to how the Jumu’ah con­gre­ga­tion should be addressed on the issue of Syr­ia and what should be some of the salient points of the Fri­day bayan? In the Name of Allah, the Most Gra­cious, the Most Mer­ci­ful. As-salā­mu ‘alaykum wa-rah­mat­ul­lāhi wa-barakā­tuh Checked and approved by (Maulana) Hashim Sacha and (Mufti) Amjad Mohammed The cir­cum­stances of com­mu­ni­ties and their abil­i­ty to respond is dif­fer­ent there­fore an Imam is bet­ter suit­ed to respond to the needs of the com­mu­ni­ty. Nev­er­the­less, here are some point­ers to those lead­ing the Jumu’ah (Fri­day) prayers and how they address the cur­rent Syr­i­an cri­sis. Please feel free to expand on these sug­ges­tions as you see fit. This for­mat can be adapt­ed to address oth­er crises per­tain­ing to Mus­lims. It is crit­i­cal to recog­nise the unique and spe­cial cir­cum­stances of your con­gre­ga­tion and the require­ment to address the Syr­i­an cri­sis can...

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Islamic Date in Britain

  • Friday 22nd of June 2018
  • 08 Shawwal 1439


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