Financial Numbers

Updated Daily for Muslims in Britain

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Gold: GBP 59.13   per gram
Zakaah: GBP 5,172.69
Silver: GBP 0.77   per gram
Zakaah : GBP 471.52
Mahr (M): GBP 23.87
Mahr (F): GBP 1,178.10

Explanatory Notes:

  1. Zakaah (Nisab) is calculated based on 612.36 grams of Silver. or 87.48 grams of Gold. Nisaab means threshold beyond which Zakaah is due upon your Assets.
  2. Mahr (M) is calculated based on 31 grams of Silver. It is the minimum Dowry which must be paid upon marraige in the Hanafi Madhab.
  3. Mahr (F) is calculated based on 1530 grams of Silver. It is the Dowry fixed by Prophet of Allah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) for his beloved daughter, Sayyida Fatima (RA).
  4. These Calculations are for United Kingdom. Do not convert to your local currency. Re-Calculate for your own country using local prices and figures, provided.
  5. Consult your local Scholars on how to calculate Zakaah and the various rulings pertaining to it.
  6. These figures are updated from Monday to Friday.

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