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Shawwal 1436 Monthly Calendar

Attached Calendar for the Month of Shawwal 1436.

Despite the efforts of Many people around the Country, none were able to sight the Hilal and all reported negative sighting from the UK. We also received no news of actual sighting (Muhaqaq Ru’ayat e Basri) from the Ministry of Awqaf in Morocco in writing or from anywhere to the east of UK. Therefore we completed 30 days of Ramadhan and 1st day of Shawwal was on Saturday 18th July 2015 in accordance to the SUNNAH BASED CALENDAR Insha Allah.

Saudi Arabia had 29 days of Ramadhan and commenced the Month of Shawwal from Friday 17th July based on erroneous sighting claims by the usual witnesses but in reality to coincide with the PRE CALCULATED UMM UL QURA CALENDAR. All 9 official committees in Saudi Arabia reported negative sighting on Thursday evening.  


Shawwal 1436: Must-see Research

Please read the following article with an objective mind.

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Last Updated on Friday, 17 July 2015 11:43

1436/2015 Eid al-Fitr Announcement


Despite attempts by many people to sight the hilal of Shawwal throughout the UK we have received no news of positive sighting. 

Morocco and South Africa have also reported negative sighting.

Hence the Wifaqul Ulama hereby declares that Friday 17th is the 30th of Ramadan. InshaAllah Eid al-Fitr will be on Saturday 18th July. 

Our humble request to the Muslims of UK:

There was no possibility of actual sighting any where east of UK or Morocco. Do not spoil your fast by celebrating Eid based on an invisible 'new moon theory' and impossible sighting claims.

Please refer to our press release for further details.


Hilal For Shawwal 1436 - Visibility Map

Please observe Hilal for the Month of Shawwal 1436 on Thursday Evening 29th Ramadhan / 16th July 2015 in accordance to the Sunnah

Wifaqul Ulama will try to sight the moon in United Kingdom across various cities. We will also coordinate to receive authentic moon sighting news from East of UK (Morocco, South Africa etc) via Shariah compliant means. Ulama will deliberate, decide and declare around 30 minutes after sunset on Thursday.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 16 July 2015 11:07

Sadaqatul Fitr for the UK is £1.00 per head 1436

What is Sadaqatul Fitr? (Zakât ul fitr)
(click here to download pdf version)

Ibn Abbâs RA has narrated that Rasûlullâh SAW prescribed Sadaqatul Fitr as an obligatory duty in order to purify those who fast from useless and obscene activities and to provide food for the poor. (Abû Dawûd) 

Sadaqatul Fitr has been stipulated by Rasûlullâh SAW in authentic Ahâdîth. The Sahâbah RA and later the Jurists adapted the stipulations according to the needs of the time. 

Abdullah Ibn Umar RA is reported to have said; Rasûlullâh SAW instructed us to give Sadaqatul Fitr; 1 Sa’ (a measure used at the time of Rasûlullâh SAW) of dates or 1 Sa’ of Barley. Abdullâh Ibn Umar RA mentions that the Sahabâh RA later gave 2 Mud (½ Sa’) of wheat in place of dates and barley. (Bukhari 1511 and Muslim 7232) 

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