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Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui (HA)

Alhumdolillah, to this day 29 of the Karsevaks (Hindu volunteers) involved in the destruction of Babri Masjid have accepted Islam.

The lead participator from the ones who destroyed Babri Masjid is with us and part of (our) Dawah. Master Mohammed Amir, who first used the sledgehammer on the Mosque brickwork and organised “urination” on Babri Masjid is part of our team.

Of these 29, is Lala Muhammad Umar who was present and active from the time of opening the lock of Babri Masjid to setting the foundation stone for conversion (to Mandir). He is from the Hardoi district. Lala Muhammad Umar not only actively participated in the destruction of Babri Masjid but used to ceremoniously celebrate “Day of Victory” every year on the 6th of December.

He told us that on the 6th of December 1993 when he celebrated the first Day of Victory” by organising a feast for 4,500 people and had 23 separate dishes cooked for the guests. He had spent 2.5 Million Rupees from his personal finances to celebrate the occasion.

Then his life began to take a turn for the worst.

His son died in a car accident. He was a businessman and his business suffered immeasurably. His house caught fire.

He realised that something had gone wrong and started studying Islam and was ready to convert in 2005. However until 2009, he came on wandering around looking for someone to help him convert. Why? Because we have a conspirational mind set and whenever he told his story to people they didn’t trust or believe me.

These people (looking to convert) are patients and we are the Doctors and the patients are looking for Doctors. However, our thought process is not of Dawah (of a doctor) but we have a “conspirational mind”.

Lala Muhammad Umar found out about Master Amir so he started searching for him. The address was wrong but he roamed the streets for 3 days looking for Master Amir and did not give up.

I was in Maharashtra and received a phone call from Master Mohammed Amir that Lala Muhammad Umar has found me, I have given him Shahadah but you should check that the Shahadah is correct and he also wants an Islamic name.

I named him after Sayyiduna Umar (RA).

Lala Muhammad Umar told me that after the destruction of Babri Masjid and on account of celebrations I had personally spent 2.5 Million Rupees. He also said that he had given a check in the amount of 2.5 Million Rupees to Master Mohammed Amir to build a Mosque where it is needed. He then with sincerity and regret told me, “Hazrat, make Dua that Allah Ta’ala removes my name from the list of Mosque destroyers and adds it to the list of Mosque builders.”

From Balbir Singh to Mohammed Amir: Mission to build 100 Mosques

Once an ardent supporter of saffron, Balbir Singh alias Mohammed Aamir, had participated in the demolition of the Babari Masjid in Ayodhya. Today, Aamir builds and protects masjids across India.

Aamir had witnessed the political turmoil in the country that took place post Babri Masjid demolition.

Aamir was born in a village near Panipat, where his father Daulat Ram, a follower of Gandhi, was a school teacher. With his family, he later shifted to Panipat, where he was inspired by Bala Saheb Thackeray and joined Shiv Sena. He was also inspired by the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and was a regular attendee of a sakha in Panipat.

Aamir, a former Shiv Sena leader from Panipat, Haryana often recalls the fateful day of December 6, 1992, that marked the demolition of Babri Masjid.

Aamir said that along with his friend Mohammed Umar, formerly Yogendra Pal, he had vowed to construct the Sri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya demolishing the masjid. Today, the two are fulfilling their pledge to renovate 100 mosques, in an attempt to purge themselves of their sins.

On December 1, 1992, Aamir reached Ayodhya to join thousands of kar sevaks coming from across the country. On December 6 that year, according to Aamir, he was the first man to climb the middle dome.

“We feared that the army might have been deployed in large number. But on ground there was hardly any security, that gave us a boost and we were mentally prepared to demolish the masjid that day,” said Mohammed Aamir.

Aamir along with many other kar sevaks from Sonipat and Panipat demolished the dome with spades and pickaxes.

“When I reached my home town Panipat after that I was given a hero’s welcome by the people,” Aamir said.

“But at home, my family’s reaction shocked me. My secular family denounced my actions. I had participated in the kar seva because I felt strongly about it, but I realized later that I was wrong.”

Mohammed Aamir, born a Rajput, said, “I realized that I had taken law in my hands and violated the constitution of India. Guilty, I embraced Islam.”

Aamir is married to a Muslim woman and runs a school to spread the teachings of Islam. Mohammed Aamir and Mohammed Umar have together built 90 mosques so far.

Aamir added that he was ready to testify before the concerned authorities and face any punishment given.