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What is #Jihad and is killing people in the streets a shortcut to #Paradise?

Mufti Zubair Dudha

In our times we have the Mashaykh (Scholars, Spiritual Mentors), these are the people who exert themselves physically and spiritually to please their Lord (Almighty). We learn Islam from their practise and from their methods. Mashaykh (Scholars, Spiritual Mentors) are the people known and respected for their piety and religious learning.

We need to be looking at what our Mashaykh are doing in these days? Those who are staunch on not breaking any commands of Allah (Almighty). You do not see these Mashaykh going around in public and killing people in public. If (killing people on the streets) was JIHAD then those who are making spiritual JIHAD and suppressing their desires, will they leave this physical JIHAD out?

What are they doing during Ramadhan? They are fasting, they are performing Taraweeh and Tahajjud (nightly prayers), and they are engaged in recitation of the Qur’an. If there was a shortcut available to get to paradise, will they not take a shortcut? Why exert yourself for 30 days (night and day) when you can just go kill yourself (and others) and go straight to paradise? All this fasting and worship day in and day out, why do all of this? Because…

Killing people on the streets is not JIHAD, its FASAAD (corruption).