British Moon Sighting

Does Wifaqul Ulama have a system to verify local Moon Sighting?

(Qari) Muhammad Shoyaib Nurgat

Ques­tion: Since Wifaqul Ula­ma places great empha­sis on local (British) Moon Sight­ing, what is the sys­tem and mech­a­nism in place to ver­i­fy it?

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salā­mu ‘alaykum wa-rah­mat­ul­lāhi wa-barakātuh

We would like to begin by extend­ing our grat­i­tude to you for ask­ing this ques­tion. May Allah (SWT) give you the best of rewards (Ameen).

In a nut­shell, this issue was dis­cussed and rede­lib­er­at­ed in great detail at the house of (Mufti) Yusuf Sacha (DB) on Sat­ur­day the 11th of March 2017. Shaykh (DB) explained that Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) and Khabar (news) are two dis­tinct enti­ties in Islam­ic law and must be treat­ed as such. There are rules and reg­u­la­tions per­tain­ing to accept­ing Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny). The Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) must be accept­ed in per­son by a des­ig­nat­ed per­son (appoint­ed by a Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee) and they must for­ward the accept­ed Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) to the Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee to delib­er­ate and make a final deci­sion. We under­stand that this list doesn’t cov­er the entire coun­try (yet) but we hope to pro­vide cov­er­age through­out the coun­try, Insha’Al­lah. In the mean­time Mus­lims should con­tact their near­est Wifaqul Ula­ma rep­re­sen­ta­tive for the time being. The issue of accept­ing Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) through skype or video con­fer­enc­ing is still under delib­er­a­tion and it is not an accept­able method at this time.

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Monthly Moon Sighting Data:

Month­ly data for (each) Islam­ic Month is wide­ly cir­cu­lat­ed by Wifaqul Ula­ma in 3 lan­guages and made avail­able to all those autho­rised to receive the Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny). It is gen­er­al­ly made avail­able before the 25th of (each) Islam­ic Month for pub­lic use.

The link for “Cur­rent Month” is delib­er­ate­ly kept the same each month so Users can save and vis­it the same link every month.

Historical Moon Sighting Data:

His­tor­i­cal Moon Sight­ing data is avail­able via our site for the past 5 1/2 years.  The (Islam­ic) years cov­ered so far are:

  1. 1433
  2. 1434
  3. 1435
  4. 1436
  5. 1437
  6. 1438

Authorised to receive Shahadah (testimony):

All of the per­son­al­i­ties men­tioned below are autho­rised to receive the Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) and for­ward it. They are not autho­rised to make a deci­sion. Wifaqul Ula­ma Moon Sight­ing com­mit­tee will con­sid­er, scru­ti­nise and delib­er­ate on the (received) Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) and make a final decision.


  1. (Qari) Muham­mad Shoy­aib Nur­gat (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  2. (Shaykh) Mum­taz ul Haq
  3. Hafiz Ibrahim Kapo­drawi (Plashet Gri­ove)
  4. (Maulana) Mohammed Thawa (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  5. (Maulana) Muham­mad Patel (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  6. (Maulana) Sal­im Mak­da (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  7. (Maulana) Idris Patel (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  8. (Qari) Saeed Ravat (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  9. (Mufti) Umar Farooq Desai (Mad­i­na Masjid, Clap­ton)
  10. (Maulana) Muham­mad Morea (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  11. (Maulana) Zaid Mehtar (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  12. (Maulana) Ibrahim Soor­ti (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  13. (Mufti) Arif Ravat (Stam­ford Hill)
  14. (Maulana) Moham­mad Arshad Qas­mi (Mitcham Islam­ic Cen­tre)
  15. (Mufti) Yusuf Danke (Croy­don Mosque & Islam­ic Cen­tre, Croy­don)
  16. (Mufti) Sajid Patel (Sev­en Kings Mus­lim Edu­ca­tion­al Trust, Essex)
  17. (Shaykh) Suli­man Gani
  18. (Maulana) Sohail Bawa (Islam­ic Dawah Coun­cil, Khatme Nubuwwat Acad­e­my, Newham)
  19. (Maulana) Muham­mad Saeed Mul­la (Masjid-e-Umar, Waltham­stow)
  20. (Maulana) Inaam-ul-Haq Malik (Croy­don Mosque & Islam­ic Cen­tre, Croy­don)
  21. (Maulana) Muz­za­m­mil Kara (Bal­ham Mosque and Toot­ing Islam­ic Cen­tre)
  22. (Maulana) Abdul-Kad­er Suleman
  23. (Maulana) Abdool Samed (Nor­bury Islam­ic Acad­e­my)
  24. (Maulana) Amin Sadak (Ching­ford Mosque, Ching­ford)


  1. (Maulana) Sulaiman Wadi (Green­bank Mosque, Bris­tol)


  1. (Shaykhul-Hadeeth) Moham­mad Ayub Bande Ilahi (Majlis e Dawat­ul Haq, Leices­ter)
  2. (Qad­hi) Imran Sayed Falahi (Majlis e Dawat­ul Haq, Leices­ter)
  3. (Maulana) Ibarheem Patel (Majlis e Dawat­ul Haq, Leices­ter)
  4. (Mufti) Bilaal Issak (Majlis e Dawat­ul Haq, Leices­ter)
  5. (Hafiz) Musa Patel (Majlis e Dawat­ul Haq, Leices­ter)


  1. (Mufti) Mohamed Shab­bir Saiyed
  2. (Maulana) Iftikhar Hus­sain (Anju­man Naqibul Islam, Salt­ley)
  3. (Maulana) Tahir Suleiman Patel (Anju­man Naqibul Islam, Salt­ley)


  1. (Qari) Ismael Surati (Jamia Masjid Al-Aqsa, Water­loo Road)
  2. (Maulana) Ata Muham­mad (UKIM Mad­i­na Masjid & Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre)
  3. (Hafiz) Mehmood Ahmed (UKIM Mad­i­na Masjid & Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre)


  1. (Shaykh) Maulana Muham­mad Hasan Bod­han­vi (Masjid Al-Faruq)
  2. (Maulana) Abdul Aww­al Molvi (Masjid Al-Faruq)
  3. (Hafiz) Sajid Molvi (Masjid Al-Faruq)
  4. (Maulana) Muham­mad Raza


  1. (Allamah) Khalid Mah­mood (Islam­ic Acad­e­my of Man­ches­ter, Longsight)
  2. (Shaykh) Samirud­din Qasmi
  3. (Mufti) Faizur Rah­man (Islam­ic Acad­e­my of Man­ches­ter, Longsight)
  4. Hafiz Mazhar Hus­sain (Islam­ic Acad­e­my of Man­ches­ter, Longsight)
  5. Hafiz Saf­dar Hus­sain (Islam­ic Acad­e­my of Man­ches­ter, Longsight)


  1. (Mufti) Javid Pathan
  2. (Maulana) Mohammed Farook Kazi
  3. (Maulana) Habibul­lah Munshi
  4. (Maulana) Arif Polli
  5. (Maulana) Imti­az Kamal


  1. (Qari) Mush­taq Ahmad
  2. (Qari) Anas Ahmad
  3. (Maulana) Hasan Sarodi


  1. (Maulana) Hanif Dudhwala
  2. (Maulana) Rafiq Sufi (Patel)
  3. (Maulana) Hashim Limbada


  1. (Mufti) Zaid Mohammed
  2. (Hafiz) Abdul Malik


  1. (Mufti) Mohammed Ash­faq (JKN)
  2. (Mufti) Amjad Mohammed (The Olive Foun­da­tion)
  3. (Maulana) Fazal Dad (Masjid Abu Bakr)
  4. (Maulana) Abdur­rahim Meer (Madrasah Mada­nia Tah­feezul Quran)


  1. (Mufti) Yusuf Sacha (Dawatal Islam Mosque)
  2. (Mufti) Zakariyya Aku­di (Mad­i­na Masjid, MPIT)
  3. (Maulana) Marghoob Ahmed (Cab­in Mosque)
  4. (Mufti) Amin Pan­dor (Masjid e Mahmoodiya)
  5. (Maulana) Hashim Sacha (Dawatal Islam Mosque)
  6. Maulana Ahmed Sarkar


  1. (Mufti) Zubair Dud­ha (ITA)


  1. (Maulana) Bilal Ban­da (York Mus­lim Asso­ci­a­tion)


  1. (Mufti) Abidur-Rah­man Molvi  (Lanark­shire Cen­tral Mosque)


  1. Mufti Shah­baz Ahmed (Edin­burgh Black­hall Mosque)

Shahadah (testimony) Form:

Any of the above who receives a Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) will be required to com­plete this form and sub­mit it to Wifaqul Ula­ma. The form can be sub­mit­ted using any method includ­ing tak­ing a pic­ture on your phone and send­ing an image since the Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee needs to be informed as quick­ly as possible.

If a deci­sion is made based on the received Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) the form will be pub­licly dis­played on our site; oth­er­wise a gen­er­al state­ment will be issued.

Direct (PDF) Download Link

Shahadah (testimony) Transmission Procedure:


Moon Sighting Committee:

Those who accept Sha­hadah (tes­ti­mo­ny) are to for­ward the infor­ma­tion to the Wifaqul Ula­ma Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee which meets after sun­set month­ly on the 29th of (each) Islam­ic Month. The com­mit­tee will make the final decision.

Cur­rent­ly, there are two sep­a­rate com­mit­tees in Unit­ed King­dom who delib­er­ate Moon Sight­ing (month­ly). Wifaqul Ula­ma which oper­ates and announces deci­sion on a Nation­al lev­el and  Bat­ley Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee which oper­ates and announces deci­sion on a region­al lev­el. There is no con­flict and it is the way both have evolved (nat­u­ral­ly). The addi­tion­al dif­fer­ence is that Wifaqul Ula­ma is a Nation­al body and tends to oper­ate and adver­tise its deci­sions on a Nation­al level.

Addi­tion­al Schol­ars may be invit­ed and may attend from time to time but the core mem­bers who attend (month­ly) meet­ings are as fol­lows. It is not nec­es­sary for all Schol­ars to present in each meeting.

Both com­mit­tees then con­sult each oth­er before a deci­sion is announced.

Wifaqul Ulama:

  1. Shaykhul-Hadeeth (Maulana) Moham­mad Ayub Bande Ilahi (DB)
  2. (Qari) Muham­mad Shoy­aib Nurgat
  3. (Qad­hi) Imran Sayed Falahi
  4. (Mufti) Yusuf Danka
  5. (Mufti) Zubair Dudha
  6. (Mufti) Amjad Mohammed
  7. (Shaykh) Suli­man Gani

Batley Moon Sighting Committee:

  1. (Mufti) Yusuf Sacha
  2. (Mufti) Zakariyya Akudi
  3. (Mufti) Amin Pandor
  4. (Maulana) Yusuf Mama
  5. (Maulana) Hashim Rawat
  6. (Qari) Haneef
  7. (Maulana) Nausar­ka
  8. (Maulana) Shab­bir Seedat
  9. (Maulana) Marghoob Ahmed
  10. (Maulana) Haseeb
  11. (Maulana) Hashim Sacha
  12. (Maulana) Abdul-Hai Seedat
  13. (Maulana) Musa Gora
  14. (Maulana) Wasif Sacha
  15. (Maulana) Ifran Soni
  16. (Maulana) Yusuf Baig
  17. (Maulana) Mush­taq Balakadhi
  18. (Maulana) Afzal Wali Mulla
  19. (Maulana) Bilal Mayat
  20. (Maulana) Sulaiman Makda
  21. (Maulana) Tariq Mahmood
  22. (Maulana) Musa Gora
  23. (Maulana) Habeel

Moon Sighting Decision Process (Flowchart):


Moon Sighting Announcements:

The final deci­sion is announced using the fol­low­ing means:

  1. Wifaqul Ula­ma (web­site)
  2. Twit­ter
  3. Face­book
  4. Insta­gram
  5. Bat­ley Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee (BMSC) have their own local pro­ce­dures for Month­ly announcements
  6. Text Mes­sages and What­sApp: This method relies on oth­er Mus­lims for­ward­ing mes­sages to each other.

Eight Principles: Fiqh of Moon Sighting for United Kingdom for 12 Months

These prin­ci­ples were draft­ed by Bat­ley Moon Sight­ing Com­mit­tee (BMSC) and cir­cu­lat­ed to may Darul-Iftaas around the world and approved.

جزاك اللهُ خيرًا