3 Talaq in 1 Sitting

A single divorce should be given as it is sufficient and it is the Islamic way. If for specific reasons, three divorces need to be given, the Sunnah (preferred) divorce is to pronounce three divorces in three separate intervals of menstruations (Tuhr), in which no sexual intercourse with the wife has taken place.


The objections of Ulama to smoking was due to its harmful effects and addiction. According to credible scientific studies Nicotine poses several health risks. It increases the risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal disorders while decreasing natural immune response. It also poses ill impacts on the reproductive health. In fact the study recommends, "...sale of nicotine should be under supervision of trained medical personnel."
In conclusion, based on current factual information one may act on taqwa and remove these notes before praying. However, it would be permissible to pray with these notes on one’s person due to the most reasonable likelihood that the tallow has changed during the polymerisation process and the unnecessary difficulty removing notes would bring about.
What is the Islamic Injunction on the job of a Security Guard involved in guarding for or working for someone who is morally corrupt?  
Cryptocurrency: OneCoin Since it is impermissible to participate in the OneCoin scheme, we advise Muslims to stay away from it.
Since there are no added animal fat or (animal) ingredients in the ASDA brand milk, it will be permissible to consume. We advise Muslims to be careful and confirm the content before forwarding messages on Social Media.

Currency Transaction

The condition for the validity of trading in the same currency is that it must be an immediate exchange (Taqābuḍ) of both the monies at the same value (Tamāthul), otherwise, it will be classified as Ribā (interest). Accordingly, selling a £5.00 note for a higher value is Ribā and clearly impermissible.