In a nutshell and according to the principles of Hanadi Madhab, Eidul-Adha is not the day after Hajj in Britain. Regardless of the discussions about differnces of horizons (generally), we find that in the case of Eidul-Adha, the Hanafi Madhab is clear that differnces of horizons have to be considered for Dhul-Hijjah i.e. localities must have their own local sighting.

Is Hajj invalid?

In a nutshell and in the most direct manner, Wifaqul Ulama DOES NOT question the validity of Hajj NOR its date OR it’s establishment. Wifaqul Ulama has never done so in the past and never will. I hope this answers your question in the most direct and emphatic manner, lets proceed with a detailed analyses of your query and various reasons for the invalidity of such a position from Sharia based sources and common sense.
Islamic dates and calendars 1435
We end this release by advising British Muslims to be cautious and to let this incident be a stark reminder for the Ulamā about the need to scrutinise the testimonies and news of Moonsighting. This is not the first incident of mistaken Moonsighting and unfortunately it will not be the last.
In a nutshell and according to the principles of Islam, Moon sighting is only done and valid after sunset. Moonsighting during the day has no basis or foundations in Islamic Law and it is to be disregarded and rejected for the establishment of Ramadhan, Shawwal etc.
Chairman of a United Jamiat ul Ulama endorses Moroccan Moon Sighting for Britain Mufti Abdul Baqi Saheb (Wimbledon Masjid, 1977) THE SOLUTION TO THE DISPUTED PROBLEM OF THE MOON SIGHTING IN U.K QUESTION. The Muslims of U.K have been divided into 3...
Muharram 1437 Download Calendar On the evening of 13th of October 2015, attempts to sight the Moon in Britain, Morocco & South Africa were unsuccessful. Therefore the Shura of Ulama at Wifaqul Ulama decided that 30 days of Dhul-Hijjah should be...
Wifāqul Ulāmā have received many requests to visit various Mosques throughout the country and give public presentations on the subject of Moonsighting. It is for this reason that we have decided to put together a scientific paper on visibility curves and will also a few presentations covering the most important aspects of this topic.
In a nutshell and in the most direct manner, Moon Sighting from South Africa in certain circumstances and under certain conditions is acceptable to the Scholars Wifaqul Ulama. This was widely discussed, scrutinised and approved by other Ulama. We have never changed our criteria in 2009 and the acceptability of South African Moon Sighting for British Muslims was endorsed Darul-uloom Deoband by in 2007!
Moonsighting or Calculations? Abdul Aziz Raje If the declarations of Wifaqul Ulama are based on Moonsighting, how are they able to produce and release graphics so quickly? Doesn’t it show that Islamic dates are predetermined and not based on actual Moonsighting? In...