We end this release by advising British Muslims to be cautious and to let this incident be a stark reminder for the Ulamā about the need to scrutinise the testimonies and news of Moonsighting. This is not the first incident of mistaken Moonsighting and unfortunately it will not be the last.
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Moonsighting or Calculations? Abdul Aziz Raje If the declarations of Wifaqul Ulama are based on Moonsighting, how are they able to produce and release graphics so quickly? Doesn’t it show that Islamic dates are predetermined and not based on actual Moonsighting? In...
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There are several methods by which Moonsighting testimony can be received or a decision can be reached by the Moonsighting committee and they are enumerated as follows:
In a nutshell and according to the principles of Hanafi Madhab, the testimony of a Faasiq can be accepted if the testimony is deemed to be accurate and correct. The testimony of an upright Muslim can be rejected if it is deemed to be inaccurate. It is up to the Qadhi or the head the Moonsighting committee. We did not find this principle in the Madhab that we have to investigate the Fisq of the one testifying about the Moon in the Madhab.