The principle for Muslims is to distinguish the festivals and classify them according to occasions which are religious in nature and those which are celebrated due to ethnicity, tribalism, nationalism.
The western system of medicine owes a great deal of debt to the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Chinese and the Indians but the framework for bringing together experts under a single roof to heal the sick was popularised by Muslims. Bimaristan (refuge for the Sick)

Sara Khan

Ms Khan has shown a tendency to be divisive in the past and lacks transparency. She lacks support among the Muslim community and the community views her as untrustworthy.
Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is one of the most holiest cities of Islam and we agree with the MCB that this sends a clear message of hostility to the Muslims around the world.
Our children are vulnerable to over sexualisation (both in language and behaviour) and teachers across the nation are worried. Ofsted should be listening to teachers, protecting our children and confronting a real and a tangible issue.
It is a concept which is in the public domain because of certain groups which are pushing its acceptance amongst Muslims. It is a concept of hatred, divisiveness and exclusivity which is opposed to the practice of our Nābi (Sāllāllāho Alāihe Wāssāllām) which was based on tolerance, openness and inclusivity.
We are appalled by the prejudicial and callous reporting in “The Times”, although not surprised. It is unfortunate that this appalling piece was picked by other media outlets. “The Sun” even chose to run the story even after much within the original article was factually debunked.
Appalled is a word often used in press statements. But today Wifaqul Ulama would like to say that we are numb and have no words to express at the sight of Children who have been gassed by the Syrian regime. The nonreactive pupils of these children are staring at us through galling digital images. The silent eyes of these children are questioning, demanding answers from us. Where is our concern for humanity? Where is our concern for fellow Muslims?

London Attack

What happened at London was Murder and Murder should be investigated and punished. We are London and we stand together, more united than ever, more resolute than ever. Cowardly attacks will not neither break our resolve, nor divide us.

British Deobandees

British Deobandi view on Assimilation, Integration, Hatred, Extremism and Terrorism