For Immediate Release

We refer to the Hindutva march on Saturday 17th September in Leicester which we strongly condemn. This was conducted by far-right Hindu nationalists, inspired by RSS fascist ideology, with the sole objective of destroying communal harmony enjoyed by us all for decades.

It is extremely unfortunate that the Police did not stop this extremely provocative march of Hindutva nationalists, with balaclavas, and with no regard for the safety and well-being of the Muslim community.

This is not and must not be treated as an isolated incident, rather it is part of an ongoing concentrated effort to provoke and tarnish the image of the Muslim community, who have co-existed peacefully right across the UK for well over half a century.

Despite many provocative acts over the last few months, the Muslim community has not reacted and stooped to the level of the perpetrators. At the same time, law enforcement and city council have been, at best very slow to investigate and take robust action and put a stop to these provocations. Also it is disheartening that this root cause has not been identified, investigated and dealt with swiftly.

Communities have every right to live in peace and without any fear. We thus call upon the Police, Home Office, and City Council to properly investigate this, and ensure that Hindutva extremists are not allowed to commit such acts. The Hindutva fascist ideology has no place in the United Kingdom and must be condemned by people of all faiths and none. We are happy to see the UK Sikh community equally condemning these acts but are unfortunately saddened by the statements released by national Hindu organisations which seem to apportion blame on the victims of these acts. We can only return to how things were if we work together.

We condone and praise the behaviour of the Muslim community for not reacting to these provocations even though some have taken place outside our places of worship. Please continue with your restraint and allow the authorities to conduct their investigations thoroughly.


Wifaqul Ulama is a national body of scholars representing grassroots communities and religious establishments across the UK in order to bring both Muslims Scholars and communities together to work for the betterment of Muslims in Britain.