Financial Numbers

Updated Daily for Muslims in Britain

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Gold: GBP 51.95   per gram
Zakaah: GBP 4,544.59
Sil­ver: GBP 0.61   per gram
Zakaah : GBP 373.54
Mahr (M): GBP 18.91
Mahr (F): GBP 933.30

Explanatory Notes:

  1. Zakaah (Nisab) is cal­cu­lat­ed based on 612.36 grams of Sil­ver. or 87.48 grams of Gold. Nisaab means thresh­old beyond which Zakaah is due upon your Assets.
  2. Mahr (M) is cal­cu­lat­ed based on 31 grams of Sil­ver. It is the min­i­mum Dowry which must be paid upon mar­raige in the Hanafi Madhab.
  3. Mahr (F) is cal­cu­lat­ed based on 1530 grams of Sil­ver. It is the Dowry fixed by Prophet of Allah (Sal­lal­la­ho Alai­he Was­sal­lam) for his beloved daugh­ter, Sayyi­da Fati­ma (RA).
  4. These Cal­cu­la­tions are for Unit­ed King­dom. Do not con­vert to your local cur­ren­cy. Re-Cal­cu­late for your own coun­try using local prices and fig­ures, provided.
  5. Con­sult your local Schol­ars on how to cal­cu­late Zakaah and the var­i­ous rul­ings per­tain­ing to it.
  6. These fig­ures are updat­ed from Mon­day to Friday.

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