Lottery Funding

Using funds from Big Lottery Funding

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gra­cious, the Most Merciful.

As-salā­mu ‘alaykum wa-rah­mat­ul­lāhi wa-barakātuh


  1. Q1: Can Big Lot­tery fund­ing be used to sup­port com­mu­ni­ty based activ­i­ties like parent/toddler groups, par­ent­ing pro­grammes [sic], with­in masaa­jid and Madaaris?
  2. Q2:  Can BLF be used to fund projects to go into Masaa­jid and madaaris to deliv­er these ser­vices to families?
  3. Q3: Can BLF be used for cap­i­tal fund­ing with­in masaa­jid or Madaaris like pur­chas­ing fur­ni­ture or build­ing a com­mu­ni­ty room?

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