In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh (Peace, Blessings & Mercy of Allah be upon You).

This statement is being issued on the 24th of July 2019 and supersedes all previous statements on the subject. This MOU has been reached due to the sincerity, hard work and dedication of all parties involved. May Allāh Ta’āla accept it and make it a means of benefit for all (Ameen).

Key Points:

  1. All 12 months of the Islāmic calendar are subject to (physical) moon sighting. Astronomical calculations can be used to assist in the process of moon sighting and declarations of moon sighting. However, calculations cannot be used exclusively to determine the starting or ending of the Islāmic months.
  2. It is Fardh alal Kifayah (communal obligation) to sight the Crescent moon. Therefore, we assert that all efforts will be made to sight it in United Kingdom on the 29th of each Islamic month. We will coordinate and share moon sighting data and verifiable actual moon sighting news to determine the dates for each Islāmic month. If it is not sighted in the UK, we will rely upon credible and verifiable moon sighting news from Morocco or South Africa and share information as needed and as necessary.
  3. The Crescent needs to be sighted after sunset on the 29th of every Islamic Month. Therefore, final announcements for the starting or ending of Islāmic months cannot be made before sunset.
  4. In line with this criterion AND astronomical calculations, the predicted dates for Ḏhū al-Ḥijja 1440 are shown below. These are subject to moon sighting of the Crescent and can change:
    • Ḏhū al-Ḥijja: Saturday, 03rd of August 2019
    • Eid al-Adha: Monday, 12th of August 2019

Detailed MOU:

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Key Contacts:

  1. Noor TV: Peer Noor ul Arifeen Sidiquee (Head of Noor TV, Royat e Hilal Borad) 0121-551 5700
  2. Wifaqul Ulama

You can send an email [email protected] to the website of Wifaqul Ulama join this MOU.