Your Body and Your Soul

It is important to understand that humans are composed of outer physical bodies and inner spirit (Rouh). The outer shell (body) is composed of materials from this earth while the inner spirit (Rouh) is not from elements of this earth rather from the command of Allah (SWT).

Islamic Education Posters

Islamic Education Posters

Muharram in a Nutshell

Muharram (1st Month of Islamic Calendar) Virtues of Ashura: 10th of Muharram | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Muharram: Beginning of a new Year Click to view PDF...

Artificial Meat

Lab Grown Meat Blog Policy: This article is being shared from another site. The top hyperlink directs readers to the original source. It is being...

Existence of God

If you want to understand the doctrines of the Catholic church you had better know your Aquinas, and in the Islamic world today people still have strong views – both positive and negative – about medieval thinkers such as Averroes and Avicenna.

Raising Children

Despite the temptation for parents to say yes to their children’s wishes, research shows there’s an insidious side to chasing after the newest thing others have.